On April 29, a core group of SAND members met with MASSPORT's David Forsberg, Director of Business Development, Jim Doolan, Deputy Director of Planning and Urban Design and Juan Carlos Loveluck, Senior Project Manager of Planning and Development. The discussion focused on the recently announced plans for Parcel F (see related story) and future plans for development of MASSPORT land in the Seaport District.

MASSPORT presented a model of the proposed hotel and office tower, including a realigned D Street, which would provide access to a 200,000+ square foot park at the foot of the Fish Pier, between the Fidelity hotel/office projects and the Parcel F hotel.

SAND has made initial recommendations to MASSPORT in order to activate the proposed park, especially with the intent to improve pedestrian traffic into this area. MASSPORT assured SAND that it has made no development commitments to the inner harbor area south of the Fidelity projects and west of Parcel F. SAND will be discussing this parcel, and its role to spur growth of a 7-Day/24-Hour Seaport-based neighborhood, in future public discussions and in a continuing dialog with MASSPORT. MASSPORT encouraged SAND to initiate a dialog with its developers regarding ground-floor use of the proposed hotel.

Update 5/15/98

Regarding ground-floor use of the MASSPORT hotel, proposed by developer Corcoran as a potential artist's gallery, SAND has turned this matter over to Fort Point Arts Community (FPAC) leaders. FPAC represents artists' issues in the Fort Point and Seaport areas.

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