The following SAND Comments were distributed and discussed at a presentation of Seaport Planning ideas sponsored by the BRA, at the Fish Pier on July 25, 1998.

[NOTE to readers: This presentation occured after the BRA's publication of a "DRAFT South Boston Seaport Master Plan" in November 1997, and during the year-long period in which the BRA "South Boston Seaport Public Realm Plan" was being crafted for final publication in early 1999. In the comments below, references to "Master Plan" are referring to the original DRAFT plan.]

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The Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design (SAND) represents local residents, business owners, artists and concerned individuals from the Boston area with a mandate to positively modify the Boston Redevelopment Authority's proposed South Boston Seaport Master Plan, incorporating a vision of the seaport as a vibrant diverse community with a distinctive character and sense of place.

SAND is in consensus that the following points must form the basis for revisions to the Master Plan. SAND also supports the design and policy concepts of the Boston Society of Architects Seaport Task Force and the Harbor Conference National Panel recommendations.

Community and Housing

Urban Scale

Green Space


Public Process