BRA 100-Acres Plan (proposed)

The BRA 100-Acres plan was drafted privately between the BRA and large property owners in 2001, and presented in public meetings between 2002 and 2005. Little change to the plan has occured between its initial release and its current form

The 100 Acres plan was first presented by Gillette and the United States Postal Service in 2001 and soon adopted by the BRA. The BRA's 100-Acre Plan as of June 2002 is shown at right.

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The 100-Acres plan as proposed does not reflect input presented to the BRA during during four years of public meetings of the Fort Point Advisory Committee and Fort Point Working Group, nor does it reflect input solicited by the BRA in a 6-hour Fort Point Open Space Charrette held in 2004.

A Fort Point Community 100-Acres Plan is shown at right. (click here to read more.)

The BRA’s 100-Acres plan (diagram at top of page) proposes a wall of office towers between A Street and the Fort Point Channel. This public realm scheme deviates from the agency’s own Seaport Public Realm Plan, Municipal Harbor Plan and the spirit of the BRA’s more recently published Watersheet Activation Plan.

The BRA is proposing that the Fort Point neighborhood's only recreational park exist at West First Street, nearly 1/2 mile from Summer Street and the heart of the Fort Point community.

By allowing large-property owners to control the land use, massing and height discussion, there has been little public scrutiny of the 100-Acres Plan's proposed segregation of uses (i.e. office/residential), its massing that far exceeds existing zoning or the historic context of adjacent buildings, and excludes the 100-Acres from recognition within the "Fort Point Historic District".

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