Progress Report:
A Decade of Fort Point Master Planning
with the Boston Redevelopment Authority

BRA Approvals since 1997    
Variances from existing zoning
for New Construction (BRA-approved)

Large projects with approved
zoning exclusions and
added height/density through

BRA-enacted Planned Development Area (PDA)


Historic wharf buildings hosting new
party-hat shaped additions

New addition or infill construction
cantilevered over historic structures and passageways (BRA-approved)
New infill construction
in loading courtyards of historic buildings
Percentage of above construction that was approved by the BRA, providing property owners with enhanced value above original purchase, beyond "as-of-right" development and varying from existing zoning. 100%  
Conversions from first-floor retail to office space 20  
Districtwide Office Space ratio (1997) 85%  
Districtwide Office Space ratio (2007)* 87%  

Progress toward a mixed-use urban neighborhood (SAND's Mission)

Number of Recreational Parks** 0  
Public civic spaces*** 0  
Public pocket parks or courtyards** 0  
Libraries, Schools (existing or planned) 0  
Police/Fire stations (existing or planned) 0  
Community Centers (existing or planned) 0  
Commercial neighborhood amenities (excluding restaurants) 2  
National architectural awards for new construction 0  
Number of residential projects completed, under construction or approved since 1997***** 3
Permanent public infrastructure along the South Boston Harborwalk available for public gatherings or programming without A) proof of insurance provided to abutting large-property owner, B) curatorial oversight of Friends of Fort Point Channel Abutters Group and C) expressed written permission of abutting large-property owner. 0%  
Progress toward maintaining a thriving arts and cultural community    
Number of artists in Fort Point, including those forced to move out of the district as leases were discontinued for BRA-approved renovation of industrial buildings as office space***** -150  
Number of cultural non-profits in Fort Point, including those forced to move out of the district as leases were discontinued
for BRA-approved renovation of industrial buildings as office space****
* Change shown includes new office projects since 1997, loss of artist live/work space since 1997, and fully accounts for new residential and non-commercial projects since 1997.    
** Excludes a small 60 x 100 foot park created for the community by the Central Artery/Tunnel on Wormwood Street used primarily as a dog run, and Childrens Museum Park, created by the Central Artery 3/4 mile from the center of the Fort Point District, programmed by the Childrens Museum.    
*** SAND excludes fee-based or commercial establishments from consideration as public or civic space. BRA Master Plans include restaurants, hotel lobbies and bathrooms in calculations of civic space ("facilities of public accomodation").    
**** Figures shown counts all residential projects approved or completed on over 200 acres of Fort Point District, in over 60 buildings, in over 20 BRA-approved projects since 1997. Projects are: Channel Center, Fort Point Place, FP3.    
***** Figures shown excludes artists and institutions who found relocation within Fort Point (i.e. Midway Studios) and artists who were replaced onsite by new residents.    

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