The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority has filed its Final Project Impact Report (FPIR) with the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The FPIR, a document now in public comment period, details the design and impact of the facility on the neighborhood and the environment. [More about this filing and how you can respond follows below.]

SAND delegates have been participating in the design process, attending meetings and commenting along with other South Boston community groups in the Neighborhood Design Advisory Committee (NDAC). The NDAC has worked together, considering a number of impact issues including those of SAND (click here to read one of these).

To get a copy of the Convention Center Final Project Impact Report, contact Margaret Briggs of Epsilon at 978-897-7100.

The public comment period requires a letter stating your thoughts (either about the FPIR or about the facility in general) by April 7, 2000 to:

David Panagore
The Boston Redevelopment Authority
One City Hall Square, 9th Fl
Boston, MA 02201

and also by March 28, 2000 to:

Laura Rome, EOEA #11575
Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
MEPA Office
251 Causeway St, 9th Fl
Boston, MA 02114

Your comments as a visitor to the SAND website would be appreciated and forwarded for discussion.