Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and the City Public Works Department deserve praise for recent short-term restorations on the historic Old Northern Avenue Bridge, as the City considers long-term plans for the historic span. In past years, the Mayor has been an ardent opponent of appeals, including those of SAND, to preserve the bridge.

A large section of the Old Northern Avenue bridge has recently been repaved and a wide, pedestrian friendly boardwalk has been built along its central span. This boardwalk provides visitors with an inspiring vantage point of Boston Harbor and an ironclad vision of the area's industrial history.

Earlier this week, a SAND member's Letter to the Editor was published in the Boston Globe:

Dear Editor:
Kudos to Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Public Works Commissioner Joseph
Cassazza for their excellent effort at sprucing-up Old Northern
Avenue Bridge. Although temporary, a new boardwalk and lighting have
transformed the bridge to allow pedestrians a safer, more spacious
crossing of Fort Point Channel. The renovation demonstrates how a
permanent re-use of this historic bridge can complement Boston's
Harborwalk and emerging waterfront. The renovation is also timely
as the City prepares for a major Tall Ships event in July. During the
1993 event, thousands of citizens flocked to the bridge to view the
ship's flotilla. This time they will do so in relative comfort and style.
Michael J. Tyrrell

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