This email arrived at the SAND website on 5/17/2000 and has been reprinted with permission of the author.

Hi, I'm a twentynine year old Bostonian living in Czech Republic who is still very much concerned with the happenings of his home town. I've been carfully paying attention to the developments regarding both the big dig and the waterfront (I have discussed both projects with my Czech friends and students), and I would first like to thank SAND for its service. It strikes me as a fairly dramatic, complicated affair, with so many different interested parties, but my sympathies are, of course, first and foremost with the general public: ie the need for a mixed community with parks and low buildings that provide a good view. Thus, I favor the McCourt proposal over the Pritzker's (not that I think the guy's a saint, it just happens that his interest coincides with ours). Given that it will probably fail I sincerely hope that the Pritzkers are forced to expand the open space. This is critical in my view. It has to become, not only something unique, with its view of the harbor, but a true public space if it's to truly enhance the whole of Boston. I also favor any proposal that allows the artist community to maitain its existence there in the old warehouses. Their continued presence will do much to insure that mixed community quality. There must be some way to reserve them some space.

I also am opposed to the demolition of any old architecture, be they bridges or warehouse buildings. Again the mixed quality of the area will be what makes it unique and interesting. Well, as you can see my views are mainly aligned with those of SAND. I guess the point here is that I applaude the public's effort to be a part and shape the whole process. Keep up the good work. People are rooting for you all around the world.


Demian Arend

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