In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Fan Pier developers indicated that they will walk away if the recommendations issued in Environmental Secretary Durand's Draft are included in the Final Decision. The major recommendations required are:

These modifications are consistent with public comments and recommendations from Mayor Menino, the Boston Redevelopment Authority and State offices since 1997, when the prior Fan Pier proposal for development of a 3.1 Million square foot office/hotel complex was withdrawn. At that time, the proposal's proponents attempted to have the Fan Pier plan approved by filing a Notice of Project Change based on a proposal they had approved ten years earlier. Upon filing and subsequent to the proposal's withdrawal, the Fan Pier team were continually issued recommendations with a clear theme:

During this three year period, these recommendations and suggestions for improvement were not adopted.

Click here to read a SAND report from November of 1999, and a list of SAND comments on Fan Pier.

Despite the fact that Fan Pier proponents claim to have held 400 public meetings, little has changed in the plan since January of 1999 and few suggested improvements adopted. Instead, the proposal weighed in at over 3.1 million square feet, larger than the withdrawn proposal of 1997.

And no changes were made as a result of the Municipal Harbor Plan drafting process -- under intense pressure from the development and business community, the MHP was instead shaped exactly to fit the Pritzker's proposal as is. The developers, and many proponents of their plan, chose not to heed recommendations or offer workable compromises -- instead relying on fear about the loss of economic cycles and construction jobs.

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