Last week, SAND testified to the EOEA, BRA and Municipal Harbor Plan Advisory Committee regarding the Fort Point section of the Secretary's Draft decision.

The testimony was focused on the Fort Point tidelands, including the Fort Point Industrial Subdistrict tidelands (Gillette Co.), the Fort Point Historic South tidelands (Artery casting basin to Congress St.) and the Fort Point Historic North tidelands (Congress St. to Old Northern Ave.).

SAND's testimony supported the BRA Seaport Public Realm's vision of Fort Point as the heart of the South Boston Waterfront's emerging mixed-use neighborhood. SAND encouraged planning the tidelands to support industrial needs and to identify zones which could allow open space and access provisions for future acommodation of a mix of uses across the district (residential, commercial, civic). SAND strongly encouraged the use of artist live/work buffer zones between industrial and residential development.

Other panelists included the Gillette Company, the 249 A Street Cooperative (abutter) and the McCourt Company. The Boston Wharf Company was present but declined to comment on the Draft decision.

SAND was invited to participate in subsequent panels regarding the South Boston Waterfront.

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