Over three years ago, in February 1998, the Boston Business Journal commented on the South Boston Waterfront:

Officials at Logan International Airport, which is run by the Massachusetts Port Authority, are becoming increasingly concerned that the high-rises planned for Seaport could interfere with FAA air-traffic control requirements. (click here to read entire editorial)

And in October 1998, a list of Fan Pier Workshop Comments were published and distributed in 1998 by Urban Strategies, urban planners hired by Fan Pier development team. These comments were derived from a series of public workshops to develop Fan Pier Master Planning Principles. (click here to view actual document)

Among the list of Fan Pier Challenges noted in this document was:

"Height restrictions due to FAA regulations".

For over 2 years, repeated FAA warnings were ignored by developers seeking regulatory approval for Waterfront projects.

This year, the Fan Pier planning team is still being publicly prodded to heed the FAA's repeated warnings dating back as early as 1998 -- warnings issued well before the developer pushed for State regulatory approval of towers ranging between 250 and 300 feet in height. The development team is now revisiting proposed heights (and re-arranging land uses) to address potential aviation hazards indicated by the FAA and Massport over three years ago.

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