SAND has filed the following comments regarding Massport's proposed Logan Airport expansion. The letter has been filed during the public comment period in response to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR/EIS) for the project entitled "Logan Airside Improvements".

June 6, 2001

Secretary Robert S. Durand
Att: MEPA Office EOEA #10458 (Massport/Logan Runway 14/32)
251 Causeway St.
Boston, MA 02114

Dear Secretary Durand:

Our position on Massport EIS/EIR #10458 has not changed since we filed comments with your office on April 22, 1999.

We are opposed to the construction of Runway 14/32 and other elements of Massport's proposal. Not only do we feel the tripling of flights off or Runway 27 as a result of this project will have detrimental impacts on area neighborhoods including Boston's yet-to-be-realized neighborhood on the South Boston waterfront, but we are disappointed that neither Massport nor its supporters in the business community engaged in a truthful dialog regarding consequences and impacts. No actual calculations of negative impacts on neighborhoods have been assessed or provided with the impact assessment.

Furthermore, Massport and its allies have engaged in deceptive advertising. They publicized the following points to gain support:

1) Delay Reduction
2) Over-the-harbor, no land-based impacts
3) Economic necessity

None of these points are truthful. 1) The Runway will not decrease delays for more than 5 years after build (when Logan again reaches capacity). 2) The project has land impacts associated with the taxiway and increased departures off existing runways as a result of 14/32, and 3), as earlier mentioned, no negative impacts to neighborhoods have been assessed - only positive economic value has been factored.

Massport and the business community simply have not engaged in an honest debate. Should the project be approved, we will be looking very closely at the statements regarding impacts in this EIS/EIR.


Steve Hollinger
Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design (SAND)



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