Symbol of Change: Historic Red Ferry leaves Fort Point

The M/V Chelsea Red Ferry, a historic Ellis Island ferry boat docked in the Fort Point Channel for two decades was towed out of the Fort Point Channel today. At 4:30 PM, the Chelsea was tugged gently into Boston Harbor en route New Bedford -- clearing the Moakley Bridge by only 6 inches on the day of the year's lowest tide.

Former Red Ferry owner Jim Concannon, a resident of Fort Point for nearly a decade, was present as the boat was removed. Concannon was unsuccessful in attempts to attain permits for a permanent mooring.

The M/V Chelsea was moored in the Congress Street Basin near the "Beaver", a fishing vessel replica renamed "The Boston Tea Party Ship" as a commercial tourist attraction. The Beaver is permitted and will remain.

M/V Chelsea's former owner Jim Concannon

M/V Chelsea tugged from Fort Point Basin

M/V Ferry background, Beaver in foreground

M/V Chelsea clearing Moakley Bridge, 4:40 PM

M/V Chelsea entering Boston Harbor

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