Update 3/14/02

In a letter of 3/14/02, Massport's Acting Executive Director Thomas Kinton has responded to SAND's letter of 2/15/02 (below). Mr. Kinton has indicated Massport's interest in addressing the concerns of the Fish Pier tenants. Mr. Kinton has also stated that lease extension negotiations are ongoing, and that recommendations on behalf of tenants are being considered.


On February 21, the Massport Board will consider a proposed hike in leases for Fish Pier seafood processing tenants to market rate.


Mr. Lowell Richards
Massachusetts Port Authority
One Harborside Dr.
East Boston, MA 02128-2909

Dear Mr. Richards:

The Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design (SAND) is a community group based in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston. Our members are residents and business owners, artists and architects, working together for a number of years on issues regarding the long-term planning of the South Boston Waterfront. A comprehensive record of our effort is archived at www.seaportalliance.org.

We remain concerned that Massport's position regarding Fish Pier leases may jeopardize the long-term viability of the working port. The agency's decision to pursue corporate tenants on Fish Pier rather than securing a long-term future for marine-related tenants at reasonable rates will irrevocably remove an important maritime resource from the port system.

Port related businesses, though perhaps not as competitive as other commercial interests, are an important constituency with especially fragile geographic demands. Proximity from the harbor and fishing vessels to the processing functions are critical to their success. Although the revenue from these processors may not represent market rate, the assets they are maintaining and utilizing - including Fish Pier, were placed in Massport's charge as the public agency chartered to protect, promote and expand the working port system.

We expect that Massport will negotiate long-term leases with its tenants at rates that enable these companies to continue at Fish Pier.

Best regards,

617 423-4299 (SAND voicemail)

cc: Congressman Stephen F. Lynch
Governor Jane Swift
Representative Jack Hart
Boston City Councilor James Kelly
Ms. Vivien Li, Boston Harbor Association
Ms. Stephanie Pollack, Conservation Law Foundation

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