Update: 10/12/06

Earlier this year, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino appointed a study committee regarding the proposed designation of Fort Point as a Boston Landmark District (petition filed with Boston Landmarks Commission in 2001; research report completed in 2003).

This month, the Boston City Council, with the expressed support of Councilors Jim Kelly and Michael Flaherty, unanimously approved the Mayor's appointments.

Study committee meetings are expected to convene by the end of the year.


Funds approved, Study to consider Fort Point as Historic Landmark District

Mayor Menino and the Boston Landmarks Commission, with the support of City Councilor James Kelly and the Boston City Council, have approved funding for a study of South Boston's Fort Point wharf district as a Historic Landmark District..

Last year, Fort Point residents with the support of the Boston Preservation Alliance filed a petition with the Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) for the designation of Fort Point as a Historic Landmark District. Upon receipt of the petition and following the testimony of property owners, historians and residents, the BLC commissioners unanimously agreed on moving to the next phase -- consideration to fund a historical study.

With the approval of funds, the City will now embark on a study of South Boston's important industrial and architectural heritage in Fort Point.

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