To read a 2004 Boston Globe article about groundwater problems throughout the South Boston waterfront, click here.

To read a 2003 Boston Globe article about a Fort Point real estate negotiation in peril, reportedly due in part to groundwater damage click here.


Is the South Boston Waterfront on the map for BRA groundwater plans? Not yet, according to Citywide Groundwater Emergency Taskforce. South Boston's Fort Point neighborhood, a district published on the National Register of Historic Places, has a long history of damage due to a declining water table.

Problems associated with Boston’s falling water table have arrived front and center, with a City Council hearing to determine ways to revitalize and stabilize the City’s groundwater.

The Citywide Groundwater Emergency Taskforce is a local advocacy group co-ordinating an effective response to Boston’s serious groundwater problems. The BRA is considering the creation of zoning regulations that would require measures to protect groundwater of new development projects in designated areas.

The Fort Point neighborhood has had a history of issues related to pilings and groundwater. The Boston Globe has published articles regarding the water table, as it was impacted by the Central Artery’s construction of the Big Dig I-90 Connector. Most recently, Fort Point groundwater problems were noted in the Boston Globe regarding [former] Boston Wharf Co’s historic properties.

According to the Citywide Groundwater Emergency Taskforce website, neither the Fort Point neighborhood nor greater South Boston’s waterfront areas are presently on the leader board for protections from the falling water table.

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