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Update 10-21-05

The Boston Landmarks Commission has begun the process of consideration of applicants for the Fort Point study committee.

BRA 100-Acres draft excludes Fort Point subdistrict from historic identification

In 2001, residents and interested Fort Point stakeholders petititioned the Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) for the designation of Fort Point as a historic district. In 2003, the BLC unanimously agreed to study the merits of this petition. The BLC commissioned a survey (with funds supported by the Mayor’s office and City Council); had the Fort Point district surveyed; received the completed report; and accepted applications for participation in a study committee to review.

Since 2003, the petition has languished at City Hall. Earlier this year, the Commission agreed to "immediately contact the individuals who submitted applications to serve on the study committee, to confirm they are still interested" and to "submit the nominee's names" to the Mayor for consideration. As of today, no contact has been made to applicants for the study committee.

Meanwhile, the "Fort Point District 100 Acres Master Plan DRAFT" published in June 2005 by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, has remapped Fort Point, removing "Historic" naming conventions formerly applied to Fort Point subdistricts.


For the first time in BRA history, the area formerly known as "Fort Point South Historic Subdistrict" (as filed by the BRA in their Municipal Harbor Plan of 2001) is no longer recognized by the 100-Acres plan, and is instead referred to as "100-Acres" in every reference. The area formerly known as "Fort Point North Historic Subdistrict" has been renamed "Fort Point Historic". This newly mapped "Fort Point Historic" district has been reduced to 30 acres, from its former configuration of over 100 acres -- as recognized by the BRA in their 2001 Municipal Harbor Plan.

At left, BRA 100-Acres DRAFT plan, page 27


A chart referencing the size of the new "Fort Point Historic" district appears in 100-Acres plan.
Below, BRA 100-Acres DRAFT plan, page 27



The 100-Acres plan includes a paragraph about the landmarking process for context, but does not present the bounds of the district as petitioned for the readers consideration.

Instead, the only reference to the "Historic" district is presented in the area north of Congress Street. Buildings south of Congress Street, already petitioned and awarded publication on the National Landmarks register, are no longer recognized as significant by the BRA plan.

At left, BRA 100-Acres DRAFT plan, page 23


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