At a meeting of the Boston Landmarks Commission Fort Point Study Committee this evening, Young Park of Berkeley Investments announced the company's plans to rehabilitate a historic boiler room along with the complete restoration of 368 Congress Street. The Congress Street building, with a unique light well, is one of the most beautiful 4-sided buildings in the District.

The single-story masonry boiler room is anticipated to be adapted for use as retail space, a cafe or restaurant.The adjacent historic building will be restored to its original glory, without rooftop additions or infill, and will continue to serve as an office building.

We commend Young, Berkeley Investments and the Boston Landmarks Commission for making this outstanding restoration project possible. Along with Berkeley's completion of its neighboring FP3 condominium (under construction), and the enthusiasm expressed by members of the Fort Point community at the Berkeley announcement, the "Boiler Room" has a built-in base of neighbors eager to see it thrive.

SAND members on the BLC Fort Point Study Committee are developing plans to invite the families of the 1905 building's original architects (Mr. Morton Safford) and former executives of the Boston Wharf Company to join us to celebrate this building at a celebration of the District's designation as a Boston Landmark, anticipated for later this year.

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