“The activation of A Street is an important component to the overall improvement of the district. By creating an entrance to the building on Garage Access Road, the project does not conform to the ideal of activating A Street. We would like more information on whether there will be ground floor retail and improvements to the streetscaping on A Street.”

— from SAND Comments of May 2001, filed with BRA prior
to the agency’s approval of 288 A Street. (click here to read)

The office building at 288 A Street (seen below) was subsequently approved by the BRA as 100% office space; no accomodation for ground floor retail; no activation of the pedestrian walkway along A Street. The building’s former main entrance on A Street was converted to a locked fire door, creating a lifeless walk for pedestrians walking along A Street from Melcher Street to Necco Street and continuing down A Street to Garage Access Road.

SAND’s comment letter was filed with the BRA during the official public comment period — prior to the agency’s approval of the project.



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