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To: Boston City Council
From: The Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design
Re: Convention Center Air Rights and Roof Rights

Dear City Council Members:

One of the major concerns continually raised during the past few Convention Center hearings asks "how does the City Council retain a level of control over the Convention Center after March 11th?"

At the same time, a number of architects in our group have recognized the importance of linking South Boston and the Fort Point Channel community to the new Seaport District. We would like to make a suggestion that could prove of significant importance after the Convention Center is completed.


We encourage the City Council to insert language in the bill that places the air and roof rights over the convention center in the hands of our elected officials, not the MCCA.

In other cities, notably San Francisco, convention centers have walkways, gardens, museums, small retail and in some cases, residential use on the existing structure. By securing the air rights, you would protect our communities from over-development, while also allowing the possibility of forming new connections to and from the Seaport.

SAND hopes to be a positive influence on the Seaport discussion. We are determined to recognize and amplify the character of the existing neighborhoods, and to work towards a waterfront we all can be proud of. The air rights over the convention center will certainly be an integral piece of the puzzle.