The following letter was sent to Mr. David Forsberg, Director of Business Development for Massport, on July 30, 1998. Copies were sent to Congressman Joseph Moakley, Boston City Council President James Kelly, Senator Stephen F. Lynch and Thomas O'Brien of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, among others.


Mr. David Forsberg
Director of Business Development
One Harborside Dr. Suite 200S
East Boston, MA 02128

Dear Mr. Forsberg:

As you are aware from our recent meeting, the Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design represents a collective voice of Boston residents, business owners, architects and planners in the ongoing Seaport District development dialog.

We understand that Massport has stated its position relative to City zoning ordinances, development guidelines and specifically, to the forthcoming Seaport District Master Plan. It is our understanding that Massport has indicated that it is permitted to undertake commercial development projects unrelated to port or maritime activity in order to produce a revenue stream for the Authority. We also understand that Massport has entered into agreements for development of hotels, offices and similar speculative projects.

SAND is concerned with Massport's position, however we are interested in working with you to consider a plan that could achieve a broadly beneficial and satisfactory outcome.

First, let me state our main concerns:

Our charter at SAND is to realize a Seaport District neighborhood, with a 24-hour pedestrian character. This can be achieved with a mix of marine industrial, commercial, residential and open space elements in the plan. Massport, with a significant piece of undeveloped land, is uniquely capable of integrating all of these crucial elements.

We suggest that Massport consider the development of moderately scaled residential development projects on Commonwealth Flats, to the south of the Fidelity office towers. These units should be no higher than 85 feet and planned to accomodate a mix of market rates. Commercial retail space could be considered at street level to move pedestrian traffic to and from Parcel F and beyond.

With Massport's pursuit of a neighborhood-suited plan for Commonwealth Flats along with the park at Fish Pier, we at SAND would be able to balance our concerns about the sum of Massport activity in the Seaport District.

We are confident that public and private interests will support such a plan, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Steve Hollinger Lisa Damtoft

on behalf of:

The Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design