On October 26, we reported to our SAND e-mail list the following item:

>Did you know that taxi drivers who bring guests to the Seaport Hotel can

>return to Logan Airport without waiting in the taxi pool (if they bring

>guests to any other Boston hotels they must enter the pool and wait up to

>an hour).

We have received news from Erin Clarke, owner and operator of a Seaport District transportation company:

On Tuesday, November 3rd, at a monthly meeting of the Taxi Association

hosted by World Trade Center Boston, Massport agreed to classify the

entire Seaport District as a "short job" for taxi's from Logan Airport.

This classification permits cab drivers at Logan to bring passengers to

the Seaport District without sacrificing their place in line. Because

they are able to serve the Seaport District quickly and with "short job"

status, cab drivers can return to Logan and take a place at the front of

the line. This is good for the Seaport District because it reduces the

frustration of cab drivers who regularly wait over an hour for a fare

and are frustrated if the fare is not a long one. "Short job"

classification makes the Seaport District more attractive for cab

drivers and improves the service for passengers. World Trade Center

worked with Massport to secure this benefit for the entire Seaport


SAND congratulates MASSPORT on this effort to improve public transportation in the Seaport District.