At a meeting today held on Fish Pier, Seaport District landowners, community representatives and advocates of the trucking and port industries met with Massport and the BRA regarding the future of trucking routes through the District.

Both Massport and the BRA presented proposals for study which indicated potential truck routes from the maritime industrial port to greater Boston, including entrances on the Haul Road and connections to major arterials. The BRA presented ideas for consideration which allow a successful set of truck routes to align with plans for other parts of the district including Convention Center and inner harbor.

SAND Comment

SAND has placed the interests of the shipping and maritime industries at a high priority and will continue to monitor the success of the port in conjunction with its vision of a neighborhood outside of the Maritime Industrial area. Truck routes, once established, must be protected for the trucking, seafood and trading industries to secure a successful future on Boston's international cargo port.

Of the ideals being floated, we support the BRA's proposal (now being considered) in preservation of D Street as an active pedestrian corridor, moving a truck route one block east onto E Street. We also support the encouragement of truck movement through the haul road, if possible, away from the inner harbor and waterfront (west of D, north of Summer). If, however, it is determined that Congress/Summer/Northern must be used for truck traffic, residential development must still be encouraged in an urban district that allows both to co-exist.

SAND continues to encourage the growth of shuttles, T and other public and mass-transit systems in the district to limit the number of personal passenger vehicles.