Updated 12/20/98

The Boston Redevelopment Authority will issue a new request for proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of the Old Northern Avenue bridge, giving temporary reprieve to this historic structure slated for demolition in 1999. The RFP enables developers to propose reuses for the bridge, including the exploration of commercial opportunities (cafes, foodcarts, etc.).

Note of 12/20/98: The Boston TAB newspaper today reports that BRA Spokesperson Kelly Quinn has informed TAB reporter Tom Witkowski that the agency is not issuing the RFP as earlier reported by the Boston Globe (used as a source for the 12/9 SAND news item above).

SAND supports the preservation of the Northern Avenue Bridge as a pedestrian crossing, opposing the stucture's demolition or replacement. A number of SAND members are working with Save the Northern Avenue Bridge -- a group with a mission to stimulate interest in the bridge's reuse and preservation. For more info on Save the Northern Avenue Bridge contact Mike Tyrell at 441-7739 or Jon Seward at 422-0882.