The South Boston Residents Group hosted a meeting with Don Law last night to discuss the relocation of Harborlights from Fan Pier to Wharf 8. Law received support for the move from a majority of the meeting's attendees, a number of whom spoke about past experiences working at the venue. Harborlights, as it existed as a successful concert venue on Fan Pier, employed over a hundred South Boston residents and received few complaints. The relocation also received support from South Boston's political leadership, represented last night by State Senator Stephen F. Lynch.

Harborlights has agreed to maintain seasonal operation of public restrooms and year-round access to a 20-foot Harborwalk skirting the facility. The lease agreement being negotiated with the BRA for use of Wharf 8 would carry a 5-year term with a mutual 5-year option. Further benefits are also being negotiated.


SAND members have registered support Harborlights five-year relocation to Wharf 8, with a few concerns that may be addressed during the Chapter 91 Environmental Review now in progress (public notice of the review appears in this week's Environmental Monitor). Most signficantly, these concerns involve a BRA-proposed permanent zoning change to Wharf 8 from maritime/industrial to maritime/retail (SAND has advocated for a temporary rezoning if Harborlights is to be sited on Wharf 8).

SAND members continue to express concern for the long-term prospects of the Marine Industrial Park as a working industrial port and the protection of irreplaceable resources such as the deep water berth and related facilities for maritime use --as opposed to a maritime view. Other issues to be addressed include adequate relocation of Commercial Lobster and existing businesses, and provisions by Harborlights for pre- and post-concert shuttle services to reduce passenger vehicle traffic.

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