According to today's Boston Globe, State House Speaker Thomas Finneran has indicated that building a casino in Boston -- perhaps in the South Boston Seaport District -- may be a good idea.

Although the report did not give specifics of any plan, the Globe writes:

And in a move that will put him at odds with the Wampanoag Tribe, which is trying to build a casino in Southeastern Massachusetts, Finneran said the casino should be located in Boston - where a new convention center and several hotels are being built.

Lobbyists for casino gambling have been working quietly for years at the State House, with an eye on the South Boston waterfront. Casino Magic reportedly has purchased options for casino development on Anthony Athanas' Pier 4.


SAND continues to advocate for the careful planning of the South Boston waterfront as a mixed-use community -- not as a development sandbox for short-term revenue generation. Casino gambling is frought with negative issues that do not mix with the concept of "neighborhood" and SAND will vehemently oppose any legislation that would permit casino development or operation.

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