Massport's proposed new runway for Logan Airport, endorsed by Governor Paul Cellucci, will triple air traffic over the future "neighborhood" proposed in the BRA Seaport District Master Plan.

Air traffic, leaving on the existing Runway 27 and traveling over Fan Pier along the Fort Point Channel, is projected to increase from 18,250 departures in 1997 to 56,500 departures in 2010. The runway 27 flight path extends through the area of the South Boston waterfront slated for future development of up to 5,000 residential units. Because this waterfront neighborhood is now in the early planning stages, a vocal constituency does not exist to represent itself in opposition to the Massport plan.

Update 2/24/99

According to a published report in the 2/19/99 Jamaica Plain Gazette, Massport has agreed on the record that these runway traffic numbers are accurate. The numbers were derived by Anastasia Lyman, a community representative from Jamaica Plain using Massport's own published information -- but not directly available in the Environmental Impact Report as recently submitted by Massport to the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs seeking state approval of the project. Massport Executive Director Peter Blute suggested that these projections only represent a "worst case scenario."

Update 3/2/99

SAND testifies to Boston City Council in opposition to Logan Expansion. Click here to read testimony.

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