SAND has expressed its unwavering support for preservation of the historic Northern Avenue Bridge, noting its important significance as a monument to Boston's industrial past.

Today (4/1/99) is the deadline for respondents to the Boston Redevelopment Authority's recently released Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking development proposals for the construction of a pedestrian walkway either using or replacing the Northern Avenue Bridge. Of the numerous proposals expected to be submitted, very few are expected to preserve the bridge. Cost constraints are cited as the main factor in the argument against preservation, proponents of preservation have indicated that demolition costs will be comparable. The City of Boston has indicated that it will not put the burden of demolition of developers, simultaneously working with the Public Works Department to release a second RFP seeking demolition proposals.

Anticipating the BRA's selection of a bridge redeveloper and a demolition company through these two RFP's, SAND has written guidelines for the BRA and Public Works Department to consider during the selection process. With regard to the redevelopment RFP, SAND has asked for preservation, unfettered pedestrian access and a continuing public process. With regard to the demolition RFP (in the event that it becomes effective) , SAND has asked for language in the RFP to allow for the selective re-use of a number of the bridge's prominent structural members -- perhaps as a sculptural monument.

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