SAND has received a report from John P Wojtasinski, president of Atlantic Seacove Inc., a 12-employee fish processing business located in the Seaport area for 50 years. Wojtasinski states that the company is being threatened with eviction by the BRA as the area is secured for construction of the Boston Convention Center. Wojtasinski has appealed to SAND, and we have agreed to cast a light on the relocation of South Boston's maritime businesses in the Convention Center footprint.

Excerpts from this report are reprinted below and SAND can not take responsibility for any information that may be erroneous, but we are willing to receive comments and will post them as updates on our website. Errors will be corrected or amended upon request.

Mr. Wojtasinski can be contacted at: seacov19@idt.net

>I am the owner of Atlantic Seacove Inc. located at 400 C Street in the footprint of the new convention center. My firm, a fish distributor and processor has 12 employees and has been located in and around the Seaport District for the past 50years.

>We have been trying to relocate our firm at the behest of the BRA for the past 2.5 years.

>It now appears that we are going to be evicted in around 120 days from our present location. I am reaching out for any help or suggestions you may have regarding the politics of this situation. We have excellent counsel and are attempting to finalize our move with 0 assistance from the BRA. In fact the degree of disorganization within the agency is horrifying. I have tried very proactively to move my company with many, many assurances from BRA officials .

>In fact I have lost 2 locations due to the inaction on their behalf. I am presently in jeopardy of losing the third location due to the recent firing of the man in charge of relocation for the BRA. We are being told outright lies and half truths and just today we were visited by a BRA agent unnanounced and told quote "I will be back with the sheriff." The owner and we the tenant have a license agreement for permitting entry(48 hours) it must be written and confirmed.

>Todays attempted entry was clearly an attempt to intimidate our firm. It appears that the BRA is pursuing an agenda in the district that is illegal,unethical and amoral. One can only conclude that they indeed plan to put many of the businesses down and out in the course of their taking and relocation.

>As you can glean I feel that we are being victimized. There are at least 4/5 other businesses experiencing similar distress at this time.

The following section are responses to questions by SAND with respect to Atlantic Seacove's support of Massport, South Boston political leaders, etc.

>A.) I have been in constant contact with Mr Eden Milroy-Pilot Development Inc. of Braintree.

>He is well on the way to securing a commitment from Massport on a master lease for buildout of seafood facilities in the BMIP. We are on the list as possible tenants. The BRA knows this. Problem: The building will not be built out until May 2000. We have 120 days only.

>B.) I spoke with TED Parkes from [Congressman] Moakleys office yesterday. We have been in contact with him for 2 years on the issues. I briefed him on events and he is working with the issues.

>C.) I have not contacted Vivien Li [Boston Harbor Association]. I understand Boston Lobster has done well by her efforts.

> At the present time Commercial Lobster on the waterfront is in deep trouble. I spoke with Dennis there yesterday. They are sick with the liklehood that they will be out of business despite the assertions of A. Flint in the recent Boston Globe article (last week) that Don Law and /or the BRA is moving their company. In fact the BRA has not responded to proposals for moving the facility for the last two months. They cannot get a call back or response on any issues.Don Law [SFX/Harborlights] has refused to bear the cost of relo...

>D.) I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help with this situation. I would appreciate your help communicating this information to anybody who can or may help us.

>E.) I have not spoken with CCA. I will call Freddie Peterson.Do you have a phone or E mail??

>F.) We have Bourbeau,Tocchio and Floyd a firm specializing in eminent domain matters on retainer and actively working to resolve issues.

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