November 29, 1999
Mr. Dan O' Connell
Spaulding & Slye Colliers
255 State St.
Boston, MA 02109
Regarding: Fan Pier ENF/PNF Public Comment Period

Dear Mr. O'Connell:

The Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design requests your consideration of an extension of the public comment period for the recently filed Fan Pier ENF and PNF. From my discussions last week with Ms. Hutchins (EOEA) and this morning with Mr. O'Brien (BRA), I understand that an extension can not be mandated by their respective offices, it is available only at the proponent's behest.

Our request for extension is based on two premises. First, since the PNF was filed just before Thanksgiving, the public comment period occurs during the time when many in our community are spending time enjoying the holiday, many on vacation and preparing for Christmas.

Secondly, we are not at all confident that members of the community are aware that the PNF/ENF has been filed. It is unfortunate that Spaulding & Slye was not able to provide a better insight into the filing date during its presentation to the South Boston Residents Group meeting on November 10 - less than one week before the ENF/PNF package was submitted to the BRA and EOEA. Without benefit of this information on that date, the various community leaders are now sharing the tremendous burden of informing an entire community that the public comment period is already under way.

We hope you will consider granting a 30-60 day extension of the public comment period for the Fan Pier ENF and PNF. SAND members will use this time to gather community concerns and to produce productive comments on the Fan Pier proposal vis-a-vis the South Boston Public Realm Plan (PRP).


Steve Hollinger
on behalf of:
The Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design (SAND)
email: xxxx
300 Summer St., South Boston, 02210
617 423-4299
cc: BRA Acting Director Paul McCann
Ms. Janet Hutchins, EOEA
Senator Stephen F. Lynch
City Council President James Kelly
State Representative Jack Hart
Mr. Anthony Gilardi, Mayor's Office
Ms. Becky Dwyer, FPAC

Your comments as a visitor to the SAND website would be appreciated and forwarded for discussion.