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On December 21, 2003, at a Fort Point Advisory Committee meeting held at the Convention Center office park, the Boston Redevelopment Authority presented its concept of three "height zones" in the Fort Point 100 Acre plan.

On March 1, 2004, at a community meeting held at the Tynan School in South Boston, the BRA publicly presented its conceptual buildout of undeveloped parcels along with each building height allowable under this plan (below). Heights shown here were hand-noted from the slide presentation and later overlaid on the existing conceptual plan.

About Height Zones

In the BRA plan, Height Zones present a "baseline height allowance with certain parcels earmarked for consideration for other heights through an alternate process."

According to the BRA plan, a 100 foot "base height*" zone would begin at East Second Street and extend approximately to Richards Street; a 150' base height zone would begin at Richards Street and extend to Binford Street and a 200' base height zone would begin at Binford Street and extend to Summer Street.

As presented thus far, BRA plans do not suggest maximum allowable heights in each zone -- only a suggested base height. The BRA has noted that the district is presently limited in density by current zoning restrictions governing allowable FAR (floor area ratio) and is height-limited by a temporary IPOD (Interim Planning Overlay District).

* NOTE: "Base Height" is a term that denotes the height of the base of a building -- not the building's actual height. A building that has a "base height" limit of 100' may be 200' tall, having a base that is 100' and a tower set back from the base that extends to 200'.

Total Conceptual Buildout of 100 Acres

In January, 2004 the BRA presented its initial estimate of 6 million square feet of new development density possible under the proposed "100 Acres" plan. In February 2004, the BRA presented a comparative examination of FAR (floor area ratio) numbers, including open space percentages and total square footage of development, for each Boston neighborhood. Results of a February 2004 Open Space Charrette will be presented in mid-March 2004.

A Fort Point Transportation Advisory Subcommittee working in consultation with a traffic consultant is expected to convene in March 2004.

Meeting Notes
December 21, 2003 Fort Point Working Committee Meeting notes (Height Zones)
January 21, 2004 Fort Point 100 Acres Community Meeting notes (Height Zones)
March 1, 2004 Fort Point 100 Acres Community Meeting notes (Building Heights)

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