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UPDATE 4/25/05 (original report of 1/2005 follows)

After convening nearly one full year of private meetings with Fort Point’s large property owners, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) is codifying plans for land use, height and density in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between individual parties. No public meetings either at City Hall or in the Fort Point community have been held during this period to seek input from small property owners or residents, nor have plans regarding height, density or land use been presented to the Fort Point community (or greater South Boston community) beyond an initial "conceptual" illustration presented in early 2004 (see report of 1/8/05 below).

In January 2005, following six months of private meetings with large property owners, the BRA had signaled an intention to resume public meetings for the benefit of Fort Point's small property owners, business owners and residents to address issues (including a shortfall of residential production as reported by SAND). To date, no such meetings have been scheduled or held.

Fort Point’s residents and small property owners have been provided an opportunity to provide feedback on the planning of sidewalks, streets, streetlights, benches and possible park spaces. Click here to visit the BRA’s community planning website.

According to SAND sources, with the signing of its MOU between large property owners, the BRA will designate Fort Point’s remaining undeveloped parcels as a Planned Development Area (PDA). PDA designations, also referred to as "spot zoning," allow development projects to vary on a parcel by parcel basis, along with variances from existing zoning, overlay district regulations and master plans.

Signing of the MOU -- which will institute major changes to Fort Point land use, open space, height and density -- is anticipated in Spring 2005. Subsequent to this process, the BRA is expected to raise awareness of its plan through a series of [pro forma] public meetings.


The Boston Redevelopment Authority has solidified its height, density and land use plans for the Fort Point area, following a six month process of private meetings held between the BRA and select property owners. No public meetings to discuss height, density or land use were hosted during this six month period.

In 2003 and early 2004, the BRA had conducted a series of public meetings of a“Fort Point Working Group”. These meetings largely focused on the public realm, streets, sidewalks, open space and transportation. In December 2003, the BRA introduced its concept of three “height zones” in Fort Point. In March 2004, the BRA hosted a community meeting at the Tynan School in South Boston regarding “conceptual” ideas for height, density and land use. Subsequent meetings between April and June 2004 (the last public meeting) discussed open space and transportation issues.

On January 2, 2005 the Boston Globe presented the BRA’s earlier plan — no longer in conceptual terms. Fort Point developers and property owners have since confirmed that the plan moved from conception to final design through a private process hosted by the BRA.

The following image shows proposed development (white and blue structures), as would be allowable under new BRA height and density guidelines.

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