As reported in June, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) is entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fort Point's large property owners (Gillette, US Postal Service, Beacon Capital Partners, etc.) to codify a plan for future development of the neighborhood, including provisions for building heights, density, land use, greenspace, street layout and other public realm issues.

A DRAFT version of the "The Fort Point District 100 Acres Master Plan," is now available for review on the BRA website.

A number of Fort Point stakeholders, including residents of the Fort Point community and members of the Fort Point Advisory Committee have raised concerns regarding this plan, citing:

The DRAFT 100 Acres Plan is available in full color, in PDF format on the BRA website (click here to visit) or can be downloaded directly from the SAND website (click here to download PDF).

If you are unable to download the color PDF file, a black-and-white printed version is available. Contact Jeffrey Lin of the Boston Redevelopment Authority at 617 918-4423 and ask for "DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION ONLY, June 2005, Fort Point 100 Acres Master Plan".

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