On August 27, 1998, David Forsberg, Chief Development Officer of Massport, responded to a July 30th SAND letter stating our concerns with Massport real-estate development projects. Mr. Forsberg's August letter was apparently lost in transit and was recently brought to our attention. SAND received a copy of the letter from Massport on December 5th.

SAND members are receiving copies of Mr. Forsberg's letter for review. Public comments are encouraged (e-mail or write SAND).

Comment regarding current Massport / BRA negotiations

Massport, not required by law to abide by City zoning regulations, is negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding with the Boston Redevelopment Authority regarding development of a number of its Seaport District parcels (including parcels H, J and K). Massport officials, have indicated the authority's willingness to comply with requirements of forthcoming Seaport District Master Plan. Mr. Forsberg recently stated at a Waterfront Committee meeting that Massport will agree to an "Article 80 Lite" process as opposed to a full Article 80 review (Article 80 includes zoning control and public review of projects).

The MOU will apparently not grant full Article 80 or full zoning powers to the BRA to mandate absolute conformance the Seaport District Master Plan. Furthermore, as with all MOU agreements, this MOU is legally unenforceable by the public if Massport breaches its terms.

We believe that public awareness and involvement regarding the Massport's compliance with the Seaport District Master Plan, the MOU, Article 80 and Chapter 91 (environmental protections) will be critical to the plan's success and look forward to continuing this dialog with Mr. Forsberg's office.