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A business group, Citizens for Efficient Regional Transportation, has surfaced, raising $240,000 in corporate contributions to be used for placing advertisements to tout Massports proposed expansion of Logan Airport. CERT apparently has only one cause -- supporting the runway, and has not released any information to support its claim that the economic benefit of Logan expansion exceeds the detrimental economic impacts.

The organization's spokesperson and only listed member is founder Richard Egan of EMC Corp. Mr. Egan has a history of subsidizing business roundtables to help grow his computer empire including the recently christened "495 Initiative" "to "help give companies in the Metrowest area - like EMC - a voice in planning development,and an outlet to combat roadblocks to expansion." EMC contributed $50,000 to the 495 Initiative.

Surprisingly, the Boston Globe gave CERT ample news coverage without reporting the names of any CERT member companies beyond EMC Corp, or the organization’s location (Hopkinton, home of EMC). No telephone listing is available through directory assistance for CERT or Citizens for Efficient Regional Transportation nor has CERT held a single public meeting for the benefit of Boston's business community.

Massport has not responded to SAND's request for a list of supporting corporations.

According to one SAND member, a phone call to the CERT automated hotline requested the caller's information, asked questions, but did not accept responses which would register opposition to the runway proposal.

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