Contrary to a published report in The Boston Globe on Saturday (May 8), the Atlantic Seacove fish-processing company, situated on the site of the Convention Center -- is not being relocated to a new fish-processing facility on Massport property within the Marine Industrial Park. In fact, Atlantic Seacove has been served with an eviction notice by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and is expected by the City to move within weeks -- well over a year before the Massport facility is completed.

Atlantic Seacove and other seafood processors in the footprint of the future Boston Convention Center have served the South Boston community for decades by providing a stable base of manufacturing jobs.

While the BRA has negotiated relocation expenses with some of these companies (mainly the larger stakeholders), a number have relocated at their own expense to industrial areas in Dorchester and Quincy -- areas lacking direct access to the port. Others like Atlantic Seacove still remain on the site, struggling with their evictions while attempting to forge relocation plans.

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